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Fitness Class


Exercise shouldn't be dull. Join Renegade Fitness Academy for an exciting yet effective approach to fitness that gets your blood pumping and the endorphins flowing!

Workout Classes: Welcome


Take Our Fitness Classes in Stevenage

You don't need us to tell you how many benefits there are to a good work out. But hitting the gym alone isn't for everyone. If you prefer to work out as part of a group our fitness classes are the perfect alternative. Covering combat sessions, such as kick boxing, as well as cardio, strength and conditioning, our inclusive lessons will help you feel the burn! 


We have classes 7 days a week in all disciplines for all ages and abilities. 

The support of Renegade Fitness Academy's dedicated coaches and your classmates can spur you on, even on the toughest of days, giving you the motivation that you need to make real progress on your fitness mission.

Find the right class for you today. Not a member? Becoming one is simple! Choose from our range of membership packages
To book classes as a non-member, please visit our booking page to pay and book your space!

Workout Classes: About


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Workout Classes: Price List


  1. Members must arrive promptly for class start times; late arrival may result in being refused entry to the class.

  2. Members are recommended to book in advance to ensure that a class has space for them.

  3. Members can book classes up to 7 days in advance (depending on membership subscription). – Click here to view our membership options.

  4. Renegade Fitness Academy operates with a “three strikes” non-attendance rule, whereby three no-shows within a 28-day rolling period will result in a 6-day booking ban. Any future classes you have booked will also be cancelled. You must cancel your class at least 2 hours before it starts, or this will be recorded as a no show.

  5. Our classes get full quickly. If a member is unable to attend, they should cancel in advance of the class to avoid receiving a strike.

Workout Classes: Testimonials

"Great team and a lot of love and money being invested in this gym. Highly recommended."

Kelvin M, Google Reviews


Join the family at Renegade Fitness Academy and fall in love with fitness. To discuss class availability and more with our team, call us on 01438 727833.

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Workout Classes: Price Quote
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