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Jump into the world of combat training or continue on your professional journey with Renegade Fitness Academy, Stevenage. Gloves at the ready...

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Winners of the Best Martial Arts & Fitness Academy in the East of England

There's a reason our facility and classes were awarded by GHP for the Fitness and Nutrition Awards 2021 - we help novices and training athletes reach new heights in and out of the ring. Our passionate coaches have a wealth of experience and hundreds of fights between them, giving our team the ability to share classic and new skills to all levels of ability in all disciplines.


Still undecided if you should get involved? We're also members of England Boxing for Safeguarding and Child Protection, an important factor when working with younger students, and Amateur Coaching. If you're looking for a fresh, dynamic way to work out, we're ready to start.

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Western boxing really needs no introduction, as it is one of the biggest sports on the planet. The team at Renegade Fitness Academy trains and competes at a White Collar semi-pro and amateur level. Our ever-growing boxing team are making a name for themselves across Stevenage and up and down the country.



Muay Thai is the national sport in Thailand that has exploded in popularity worldwide. Originally developed as a form of unarmed self-defence, Muay Thai, also known as ‘The Art of Eight Limbs’, combines punches, kicks, knees, elbows and clinch work. As a sport Muay Thai is contested in a ring with gloves, pro bouts being 5X3 minute rounds. Outside of Thailand many countries have semi-pro bouts with elbows being fairly recently introduced. Our fight team boasts UK ranked fighters, British and European Champions at pro level.

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Ultra White Collar Boxing is a unique opportunity for male and females with no boxing background, to experience the wonderful world of boxing, in a safe and enjoyable environment, all whilst raising money for charity!

At the end of 8 weeks of training, you will feel extremely fit with the techniques required for your fight; a fight which you will be fairly matched based on weight, fitness, ability & age with an opponent from the group you have trained with to ensure a fair competitive bout.

Are you up for the challenge? 

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"Highly recommend! Always friendly and welcoming and happy to help! I've been training here for a while and I wouldn’t go anywhere else!"

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Time to show us what you've got. Contact Renegade Fitness Academy on 01438 727833 to talk memberships and boxing sessions. 

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